Lab Pro Code of Ethics

LAB Pro Home Inspection subscribes to the highest Code of Ethics

LAB Pro Home inspectors  make these pledges to you.

  • I will have no obligations to anyone interested in the outcome of an inspection other than my Client and I will tell my Client of any business interests or personal relationships that could be perceived to influence the outcome of an inspection.
  • I will not provide products or services to correct deficiencies identified in the inspection report until at least 12 months after an inspection.  I do, however,  recommend where to locate service providers, not any specific company.
  • I will promptly respond to Clients’ inquiries or complaints and will work in good faith to resolve issues expeditiously.
  • I will not disclose any information concerning the inspection without prior approval from my Client.
  • I will not express opinions or make recommendations if not based upon experience or education.  I will provide additional inspection services only if qualified and only when approved by my Client.
  • I will always act in the interest of elevating the practice of home inspection.


“Home Inspections must be performed by certain licensed professionals, such as Registered Professional Engineers, or by someone who is a full member in good standing of a national home inspection association in accordance with the ethical standards and code of conduct or practice of that association. Inspections are specified to be visual examinations with mandatory report contents. Pennsylvania prohibits liability limitations for gross negligence or willful misconduct and requires minimum insurance coverage.”
Act 114, Title 68 of 2000

Lab Pro Home Inspection